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Frequently asked questions

1What is cloud-usb.com?
Cloud-usb.com is a platform that manages data servers, which use protocols and encrypted storage, and which aims to provide users with security, and data available anytime, anywhere.
2What do I get when I buy the usb cloud service?
Cloud-usb.com has three different services: WEB, ADVANCED and EXTRA. In all services you will receive the master password by mail, in a sealed envelope. In the WEB service, you will receive the connection files through an encrypted email which you can access through your master password. In the ADVANCED and EXTRA services, you will receive, together with the master password, a 16GB USB drive, where the connection files for the supported operating systems will be. In the EXTRA service we add another security factor, the USB drive will be protected by a physical code.
3How long do I have to wait for the master password?
We send the data by mail from Portugal, the time of delivery depends on your location, the normal is between 5 to 7 days. In case of exceeding this deadline you can contact our support team, using the contacts provided on the page.
4is it safe to use the cloud-usb.com service on a shared computer?
The cloud-usb service can be used on any computer with an internet connection, using one of the supported operating systems.
5I have the master password and the USB drive, what do I do now?
Put the USB drive in the computer, open the connections folder and run the file corresponding to the operating system that you are using, enter the username and password and wait, a window with your cloud-usb folder will open and you can use it as a normal drive.
6Who backs up my data?
Our service will back up your data, and at a price you can at any time request the sending of your data to your address. We will send a usb backup drive.

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